Pamela Forbes- Owner/Instructor


Passi​on For Dance

My name is Pamela Forbes, the Owner and Instructor at Passion For Dance, and I have a passion for Ballroom and Latin Dancing. I want to bring you the joy, excitement and challenge I feel about dancing so you can have the same passion.
My aim in my instruction is to present a simple, effective and fun way to learn to dance. I believe in people dancing with fun and good form.  I wish to provide you with good dance technique and step patterns so you can enjoy and have fun learning and going out to dance.
​I believe dancing should be fun- I believe learning to dance should be fun.
I am so happy and proud of my new studio at 555 York St, suite 202 upstairs- a long-time dream after almost 10 years of going from hall to hall with all my supplies.
Here are some photos: